1st Regiment
Federal Volunteer Brigade
Col. James Cobb Commanding


Member Units

 3rd Maryland (Company B) Capt. Denny Rohrobaugh
Unit location: Tri-State Area

7th Maryland Reg (Company A)   Capt. Jeff Bush
Unit location:

16th Pennsylvanina (Company G)    Capt. James Zartman
Unit location:

97th Pennsylvania     Capt. Dennis Wales
Unit location: Downingtonw, Chester County, PA

93rd Pennsylvania     Capt. Dennis Shirk
Unit location:

61st Pennsylvania  (Company A)   Capt. Chris Monzi
Unit location:

98th Pennsylvania      Capt. Michael Peter
Unit location:

87th Pennsylvania     Capt. Jim Van Laeys
Unit location:

138th Pennsylvania  (Company B)   Capt. James Aronhalt/Lt. Duston Coleman
Unit location:

139th Pennsylvania  (Company F)    Capt. Don Dolbin
Unit location:

155th Pennsylvania (Company H)     Capt. Vince Jarzynka
Unit location:

   41st Pennsylvania (Company G)  Capt. Nathaniel Little
Unit location: Hanover, PA

149th Pennsylvania  (
Bucktails)  Capt. Bruce Petro



        Sergeant-Major John Zabawa               Adjutant 1st Lt Steve Wagner    
Christine Tolbert Civilian Coordinator

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