The FVB College

The purpose of the FVB College is to enhance our reenacting experience by providing a forum for our member soldiers and civilians to share their knowledge about our beloved hobby with each other.  We are looking for instructors to give 15 to 30 minute talks about anything relevant to the Civil War and our lives as reenactors.  It is a chance for us to engage with one another, get to know each other, and learn from each other. 

The FVB College will take place on Friday evenings of FVB events at 7:00PM in front of the 1st Regiment Aide De Camp tent.  There will be a sign posted to designate the location.  At present, there will only be one class per event, unless there is demand for more in the future.

 Anyone, soldier or civilian, may give a presentation, and all are welcome to attend.

Topics that have been suggested include:

You can imagine that this short list is only the tip of the iceberg of possibilities.

People who are interested in being instructors should email me at with the following information:
A one to two sentence description of what you will discuss
Which FVB events you will be attending for the year.

  1.  Your Topic
  2. A one or two sentence description if what you will discuss
  3. Which FVB events ou will be attending this year

Our first class will take place on April 10th,the Friday evening at Appomattox.  Our instructor for the day will be Brian Curtis, Adjutant of 2nd Regiment.  He will discuss “The Colors”.  So bring your camp chairs and gum blankets, questions and comments to the FVB College.